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Concrete Specialists


CurbEdge custom concrete can design your commercial flooring, walk ways, stair ways, sports courts, ADA safety ramps and more. Our expert installation team will advise you on the best design to compliment your landscaping or outdoor project. You’ll love our professional and friendly service. Consultations and estimates available. $100 fee for in-person estimates.

Outdoor Commercial Space


Transform your commercial space with professional concrete designs from CurbEdge custom concrete. Add curb appeal and property value with a state-of-the-art concrete installation. 


• Flooring

• Basketball  
• Tennis 

• Pickleball courts

• Commercial sidewalks
• ADA Ramps
• Schools
Contact CurbEdge for a consultation and quote by phone. Serving Salt Lake County, throughout Utah and beyond. Call Today!

(385) 272-4054

Serving Salt Lake County, Utah and surrounding areas for more than 22 years.


At CurbEdge custom concrete, quality and customer care come first. All work is guaranteed and sure to please. Don’t trust your concrete project to anyone else. Call CurbEdge today and experience the difference. 


The Process


We start by prepping the project area. This includes removing any rocks, shrubs or other debris and evening out the surface. We then compact and stabilize the earth beneath what will be the subbase. This is called the subgrade.


Once the subgrade is ready, we create a form, typically a wooden perimeter that acts as a mold around the pour site. To support the form, wire mesh or rebar is added. This will help with the integrity of the structure.


Next, we carefully mix the concrete with the correct ratios of cement, sand and gravel, then we pour it into the form and spread and flatten the surface using special tools. We further compact the subbase before we seal and cure the concrete. This last step is very important in creating durable and finished concrete.


Our knowledge and expertise in mixing, pouring and curing concrete make all the difference in the finished product. Do it right the first time. Call the professionals at CurbEdge.